About Health Well

About Health Well

We are a personalised provider of advice and information on the insurance market helping you find the best products for your needs at the best price.

From humble beginnings in the early noughties, as Health Well Limited, Health Well Solutions have become pioneers in the International Insurance business for almost 20 years. Launched in China, we were the first insurance broker to be fully licensed and specifically offering International medical insurance solutions to expats living on the continent. From our office in Beijing and Shanghai we assisted clients in Japan, Korea, Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Taiwan and across the Chinese mainland.

Having a first and unique presence in China, we were able to garner extensive knowledge of the Asian insurance market and through this experience, we were able to create localized products by working together with the world’s leading insurers. This gives our clients the security of knowing they are working with a leading insurer with a localised product.

Today, Health Well Solutions are fully regulated by the Financial conduct authority and the Chinese Insurance Regulatory commission. Our presence in London and being in close proximity to the world’s oldest and leading insurance marketplace allows us to offer a wider range of solutions for every specific insurance risk. We work directly with Insurers and underwriters to create bespoke and exclusive products for our clients, both at home and across the World.

Meet the Management Team

Chris Hughes


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I was born in the UK and started my career in the Metallurgical Industry as Technical Sales, which led me to international postings from 1994. After a successful period of 6 years working in countries including South Africa, India, Brazil, Turkey, S.E. Asia and China, I started an Insurance Consultancy in China named Healthline Asia. The inspiration to start Healthline Asia, was due to the lack of good and reliable insurance when living in China, and support if anything happened.

Healthline Asia was converted into a fully licensed Nationwide Insurance Brokerage in 2006, and was renamed Panoramic Insurance Brokerage (Beijing) Co Ltd. (PIBB). PIBB became one of the leading International Medical and Employee Benefits brokerages in China, with its own dedicated Client Services Division linked into local specialist care facilities and Doctors.

We became extremely well respected as one of the leading experts in the Industry across China and Internationally, by both the Insurance and Medical providers, leading to gaining full licensing in UK and opening of our global hub from London.


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Stuart Anderson is a director and shareholder of Health Well Solutions Ltd. He is also a director and founder of ACM Broking Ltd, a commercial insurance broker established in 1999. His 40 years’ experience in this industry makes him an invaluable asset on business and liability insurances.

Stuart resides in Berkshire but has worked his whole life in the financial districts of London. Qualifications: Part A.C.I.I. (Associate of the Chartered Insurance Institute) qualified. Financial Planning Certificates (FPC1 and FPC2).

Steven Tan


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I have been involved in the insurance industry since 2015. Prior to this I worked for over 10 years in the trading industry in Shanghai. My experience of dealing with domestic and international Clients living in China and building relationships with local insurers is what led me to Health Well Solutions.

Today as an Insurance consultant with Health Well Solutions my responsibilities include managing relationships with our insurance partners in China and across the region, providing support to our existing clients and developing future opportunities with potential partners.

I believe our presence in China is crucial to our long-term success in the region, additionally due to our long-standing presence in the business community we are seen an organisation that is not only trust worthy but also one that is here to stay.