4 reasons for health insurance

4 reasons for health insurance

3 reasons for health insurance

In the UK, we have been fortunate that the government has provided very good health care for all. However, the NHS is short staffed and under a lot of pressure, so those who can afford it often choose private health care.

If you are a non British National, other than emergency care, you will find you’re likely to be charged for medical treatments. In the UK the NHS provides immediate care in an accident or emergency, however if its an ongoing illness or you need long term care, the system can let you down.

What are the benefits of private medical insurance?

“Immediate access to a doctor without the waiting times”

If you have been diagnosed with an illness, depending on your insurance policy, you can pick up the phone to a recommended specialist, private or online GP to make an immediate appointment.

Within the UK specifically, many of the best surgeons, consultants and medical specialists work within the  NHS, but also be booked for private appointments away from the NHS.

Getting an appointment for a checkup or surgery can be arranged within hours or days, not weeks or months.

“Financial Security”

A person or family with the right health insurance coverage will not have to face a deluge of expenses if medical emergencies occur and there is a need to go private.

All medical insurance products will contribute or fully cover the costs of medically necessary treatments, when recommended by a doctor, consultant or specialist. Depending on your type of policy, coverage can start with a visit to a private GP.  If you don’t have insurance, an illness that requires multiple hospital visits will likely result in a very substantial sum. Basic medical insurance will cover costs of the fees for hospitalisation, specialist consultation fees and cancer care. More comprehensive policies cover maternity, dental, wellness, rehabilitation, mental health and elective treatment coverage outside your home country.

“Access to the best doctors of your choice”

One of the most important reasons for health insurance is the ability to choose which doctor and what treatment is best for you. An international medical insurance policy gives you access to all the best doctors without geographical borders set by your catchment area. Most global medical insurers provide you with instant access to the world’s leading specialists and facilities.

“Peace of Mind”

Good medical insurance, which includes wellness cover, can help you identify potential health issues and prevent them from becoming more serious. It gives you access to treatment and advice from the world’s best doctors. Medical insurance plans with certain types of preventative treatment such as screening services and annual check-ups will give you and your family far more protection against critical illness so you can live a  longer healthier life.

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