What if I fall ill overseas?

What if I fall ill overseas?

What if I fall ill while overseas?

While away from home “what should I do?”

Most of us head off on our holidays dreaming of white sands, blue seas and lots of sun. Relaxing by the pool perhaps and typically having a good time with friends and family. We seldom think of the consequences of falling ill, or even worse, serious injury while overseas.

Choosing the right hospital

In most instances we believe that getting to the hospital should be your priority, however it is important you get to the right hospital, your insurer or Health Well Solutions will be able to help you do this with a simple phone call.

Even in an emergency

Whilst this may not always be possible due to the nature of the emergency it is always recommended (where possible) because the hospital or clinic that you are taken to may not be the best suited to your circumstances and may even ask for your credit card or even worse upfront payment. Contacting your insurer or Health Well Solutions early also means we can get your insurance claim settled as quickly as possible.

Who do I call?

Expats and holiday makers who fall ill or have an accident while abroad are likely to call family, friends, their hotel or travel company for help – but it is vital to add the insurers emergency contact details to the first call on that list followed by Health Well Solutions.

Did you know?

  • An overnight stay in a Spanish hospital can cost £3,000
  • Treatment in the US for an accident involving a badly fractured leg, artery tear and an air ambulance home can top £500,000.

The biggest risk

Travelling or living abroad without insurance should therefore be a financial risk too far. Too many people believe they are covered with standard travel insurance, or through their credit cards, however this is not always the case. Travel Insurance would cover you in an emergency but generally with limitations, for example many standard travel policies do not cover private medical treatment if there is a public hospital available locally. Being treated in public hospitals can be traumatic.

So what’s the first thing to do if you fall ill overseas?

Having adequate insurance in place should be your first priority and then make the call to your insurance company, your broker or Health Well Solutions.

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